Handspun Wools
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Ski hats $45.00 and up, Abult Tams $45.00 and up,
Baby and Toddler $25.00 and up


Wool Ski Bans
$25.00 and up

Wool Ski Hats
Mittens and Tams

Wool Ski Hats
$45.00 and up

Wool Hat and Mittens

Wool Mittens and Socks

Child, Baby and Doll Tams
$25.00 and up

Tams in Assorted Colors

Toddler and Child Ski Hats

Assorted Tams

Assorted Tams
$45.00 and up

Hand Spun Wool

Shawls and Scarves  "knitted and Woven"
Shawls $265.00 and up (made to order)
Scarves $55.00 and up

Hand Woven Shawl
Hand Spun Yarns
$225.00 and up

Hand Woven Shawl
Hand Spun Yarns
Detail of Weave

Hand Woven Shawl
Hand Spun Yarns

Custom Work

Knitted Teddy Bear
$125.00 and up
Patterns too

Teddy Bear
in custom Sweater
Center pull Hand Spun
4-8 oz. Yarn Balls

Toddler Cape
Patterns too

Custom Made Wool Rugs
$150.00 and up
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